‘NHS at breaking point’ we must stop generating new cases. Follow the rules properly!

With @CharlotteHawkns on @GMB

We cannot stop the rising tide of #Coronavirus cases, people incubating infections have already been generated, they are the cases to be.

Hospitals almost full, a variant from which it is easier to get infected, the best solution, in the short term, is to cut all connections with other groups of humans. Consider everyone, everyplace as potentially infectious.

A poor lockdown results in it taking longer to achieve a reduction in case numbers, this lockdown is poor, thus expect it to take longer to achieve lower case numbers.

We do not need new rules on restrictions. Observe and observe well, existing rules. We know what we know and we know how to deal with the outbreak, nevertheless we are reluctant to do the right things with a very serious intent.

Vaccines will help, it will take time to immunise many people as we do not have a constant stream of vaccine supplies to immunise at full 24/7 pace.

A good thing to do on the global stage is to commission additional vaccine manufacturing plants. Manufacture under licence, pay the companies royalties and use the vaccines at home or donate to other nations.

We are only well, when the rest of the world is also well.



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