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About Dr Bharat Pankhania

Dr Pankhania has more than 20 years’ experience in infectious disease control and outbreak management. He has worked as a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control for health authorities, the Health Protection Agency, and Public Health England.

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Independent expert, bringing many decades of expertise to infectious disease control and management. My interventions lean towards immediate containment and control, with focus on longer-term sustained prevention.

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BBC Your Questions Answered: the Government’s roadmap to easing lockdown

As well as cleaning your indoor offices and similar, it is crucial to introduce extra ventilation, this is really going to be a important issue. Time table opening windows every 2 hours for a good 10 minutes, it will save lives. Just because people have been immunised, it does not imply that they drop their […]

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‘NHS at breaking point’ we must stop generating new cases. Follow the rules properly!

With @CharlotteHawkns on @GMB We cannot stop the rising tide of #Coronavirus cases, people incubating infections have already been generated, they are the cases to be. Hospitals almost full, a variant from which it is easier to get infected, the best solution, in the short term, is to cut all connections with other groups of humans. Consider […]

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Be optimistic but also truthful. Vaccines are not a silver bullet

Thank you @nicktaq on @SkyNews. A constant & larger supply of vaccines would enable a 24/7 vaccination operation. It also gives the clear message: we are very serious about controlling this pandemic. Vaccines are not a silver bullet. Vaccines are an extra layer of protection. We cannot drop our infection control guard after vaccination. Even […]

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Coronavirus vaccination and the way out of restrictions.

Thank you @tonylivesey on @bbc5live.Vaccines: Can we give single dose Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine & follow it up with a second dose in three months? on balance it is a good strategy, it will work. It is a case of do the greatest good for the greatest number. Life will take time to return to normal, definitely […]

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I can make a significant positive difference for infection control designed to meet your outbreak management needs. I bring excellence in expertise in a calm and measured manner. 
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